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Monday, February 17, 2014

Etta Jean and the Pirate Cat

What's it like to be a cat on a pirate ship? Find out from author Etta Jean. While you're at it, check out her new book 'Chronicle of Summer'! ~ James

Daven Anderson

Captain's Log, 08 November 2014

The Admiral brought home a new crew member. He's a small thing. Spotted on the belly and dashed on the side. Dark Smudge jokingly called him Morse Code for a bit, but the Admiral was having none 'o that. The kid's name is Bastian. I didn't mind the kid much when he was brought onboard. Long as he kept to his own, that was fine with me. Black Hawk, being the quiet sort he is, just took the kid in stride. Dark Smudge took a sniff and then kept his distance. The Admiral has Bastian in the loo for the time being to make sure we don't fight. Ha. She should be more worried for herself. She got a nick or two from transporting him to this strange place.

Captain's Log, 09 November 2014

Bastian is still in solitary confinement but getting curious. I saw him peeking under the door. I sat and talked to him a bit to see if he was warming up. He's a kit, to be sure. I like the kits. So much easier to train. He's not a bad sort, just frightened. He'll have to buck up to be on me crew.

Captain's Log, 12 November 2014

Bastian has emerged from solitary and is beginning to mingle among the crew. I showed him around our base and introduced him to the galley. Tch. Bottomless pit, he is! Well, he's a growing boy. Ugh, and sooo skittish! The littlest noises spook him and sending him running to the Admiral to hide. I'm going to call him Yello' Bastian if that boy keeps this up! I got no room on me ship for a 'fraidy cat.

Captain's Log, 25 November 2014

Well, give me a beak and call me Polly. Bastian might be yello' but that kit has him some strong claws. The Admiral has but one true weakness, and she hates them flying, stinging, yellow and black bugs. She can't speak or breathe when she confronts them. Not much I can do for her except try to comfort. Black Hawk and Dark Smudge have tried to catch 'em, but it always comes down to the Admiral and an impromptu weapon. I thought that was where we were going this time, what with the way I could see the Admiral on the verge of tears. Ole Yello' Bastian wasn't having none of that! He crept into the galley like spotted death, crouched, and leapt. Shut my mouth, he snatched that little stinger from the air and splatted it flat on the ground! He got extra treats for his efforts, and he sure earned them! That boy can hide from all the vacuum cleaners he wants if he can get rid of our enemies that fast!


Etta Jean was born in Sacramento, California and destined from birth to be a bard. She told tall tales while devouring the creative worlds of others until she finally had to create her own. She has seen both good and evil in her life, and her stories, like life, have no half measures. Her happy endings never come without cost, though, for she truly believes we can't appreciate the good and the joy without the bad and the pain along the way. Her current haunt is a comfy house in her beloved hometown where she wrangles three feline fur-kids while constantly overbooking her calendar. If she's not chained to her desk, she's stomping through the scenery in search of equally fantastical photographs.


CHRONICLE OF SUMMER is now available at for Kindle or for paperback. Etta's Summer Fest blog tour continues through February, and there are prizes to be won by commenting on the stops along the way.

CHRONICLE OF DESTINY, the original Chronicle tale, can be purchased from Amazon here:
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