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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tears of Hope

We knew it would come.  That time when our children would pass.  They counted down through the years, one at a time, lives that had ceased to be.

Slowly, their numbers decreased, but in the midst of this, their children had children, seven, and they became our grand puppies.

I know.  They are dogs, right?  Not human children.  Not worth a single tear to those who have never loved them.  Yet, their value to us was immeasurable.

At our grand puppies’ births, they were so cute.  My wife and I debated on finding them homes, but we could not part with any of them.  They grew from those tiny creatures one could hold in their hand, to dogs of medium height.  They would run and play, leap over the fence and disobey, but they were ours, and we were theirs.

Time catches all things.

They aged.  They became slower.  The fence jumping ceased to be an option.  One hurt its vertebra and could not walk.  Others died of causes we could not stop in time.  In the end, there was only one left.  Her name was Jessie May, named after her name sake, my mother-in-law.

She was tree climber, a fence jumper.  She broke her leg, and we had her leg repaired.  The intelligence behind her eyes was amazing.  She was pacifist, unless of course she could bluff you.  She was sweet.  She was the only puppy that had black hair.  She was the last.

All her brothers and sisters had passed on before her, yet she persevered.  Despite having strokes, each time she pulled out and began to function again.  We walked her, feed her, and loved her.  Yesterday, on June 14th, 2016, she passed away.

We will miss all our grand puppies.  The hole at their passing will not leave.  The tears in our hearts will not dry up.

They will be remembered.

James William Peercy
June 15th, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Winds of Life

There are two events in life: let what happens happen and grab every moment.  They are not exclusive of each other.  It’s a choice we make each day.  Do we lie in bed or rise to the morning?  Do we reach out a hand or sit back and watch?  Which are you?

Do you feel like life leads you by a chain, your every movement predicted?  Do you grab hold of the things you wish to happen and never let go?

We all vary.  It is both our gift and curse.  There is no easy answer.  What we perceive as reality is drawn to us.  What we desire can change from moment to moment.

I have heard people explain the difference between a writer and an author.  An author is considered someone that is published, presented by their peers, vindicated by someone who believes in them.  A writer writes.  They cannot do otherwise.  The words simply do not stop even though no one hears the pin drop in the forest.

But I suggest we are all authors/writers, that the two cannot be separated.  We create from the world around us.  We perpetuate a reality that influences our peers.  We are originators, whether we accept that destiny or not.

A glass of water spills upon a person in a restaurant.  I saw this happen to a very dear friend.  She jumped up, completely surprised.  However, instead of rising in anger, she rose with astonishment and immediately forgave the waitress with such genuine feeling, it turned the whole event into a wondrous experience.

As a group, we bonded.  At the situation, we laughed.  We enjoyed life.

Every action we take, regardless of how it happens, is recorded in life’s great stream of events.  Nothing is forgotten.  Whether judged as good or bad, happy or sad, all of life builds, forming the journey our reality will create.

It is magic, a magic from a world that we cannot see.

It is music, whose melody is uniquely us.

It is hope, when the winds of time push us strongly forward.

Destiny calls us.  The choices we make determine its inflection.  We feel the rumble as worlds shift at our every whim.

Be the author you were meant to be.  Find the hope, the love, the universe inside of you.  Be the joy to a child, a wonder to the one you love, an inspiration to those you may never know.

You can do it.  You are doing it even now.  There are no mistakes in creation.

Be the wonderful person that you are and sail the oceans of adventure with me.

Here is my hand.  Let’s go!