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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Makes An Author?

What makes an author? It's not the words they pen, or now days type. It's not the language they use, or what we hear from others. It's not the media written or printed upon. An author is emotion.

As the content leaps off the page and tries to expand our minds, it stirs that spark of recognition. The author makes us feel something new and different. Or perhaps they stir us to remember something we have already known. It does not matter the genre: horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or reality. Nor does it not matter the destination. It is the story, the journey of emotion, which fills our minds and hearts. Have they taken us to a place outside ourselves? Have we seen through the author's eyes?

This is the mission of an author: to make us feel. You are the surfer carried by the big wave with the taste of salt on your lips, and cool wetness of ocean spray striking your skin. You are the child staring wide-eyed at a world of blaring sounds, beautiful colors, and a dark secret you must find out. You are there.

Tell me a story that takes me away, and I will have journeyed to new realms of imagination.

So next time, when you read the cover of a book, listen to a song, or admire a piece of artwork, ask yourself, what emotion does this story give me? Am I willing to take that rollercoaster ride?

It could be the ride of your life.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

James W. Peercy