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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Encounter by Alana Lorens

New Mexico---a land of wonders beyond freak snowstorms. One of the New Mexico sightseeing trips the Harmonics trainers want to take while they're working with their law firm clients in the suspense novel ENCOUNTER is to see the nearby Earthships.

What's an Earthship?

An Earthship is a new sustainable form of housing springing up around the world. (attribution from Flickr, shot by Marvin's Dad, creative commons license granted)

They come in many shapes and sizes, as demonstrated by this video <>, and also in this article <> recently on the webzine High Existence, which sold me before I could even get to the scientific stuff. These recycled and sustainable houses are just amazing!

The main headquarters and launching pad for many of the new Earthships is at Earthship Biotecture ( in Taos, New Mexico. The Visitor's center introduces people to the form of house building, using recycled materials, solar panels, a cistern for water---and even has nightly rentals so you can experience the idea for yourself!

Here's another look at something a little different. (attribution from Flickr, shot by Little More Sunshine, creative commons license granted)

These things come in all shapes and sizes, using the recycled materials, especially old tires, as building blocks and sometimes as décor. So it's easy to see why these enthusiastic young outdoorsmen want to check them out! If only it didn't snow so soon...

Teo Haroun and the other lawyers in his firm look forward in varying degrees to the retreat at the Sherman Ranch in northern New Mexico. The boss has laid down some rules---no phones, no computers, no communication with the outside world---that makes them uneasy. But the
corporate team-building exercises are necessary for this firm to survive its inner sniping and turmoil---and to protect the secrets they hold.

Inez Suela and thirty other Mexicans have paid a coyote hundreds of pesos to take them across the border into the United States, where they hope to make a better life. The crowded truck heads north into New Mexico to meet their local driver, the occupants unaware that a freak March snowstorm is waiting in its path.

Jake Patrin, the caretaker of the Ranch, fights demons of his own as he struggles daily with addiction. Working far from the city on the lonely Ranch, hosting those who rent the facility, is his protection and solace. But he's about to lose the only peace he's been able to grasp.

Davi Pilar needs to make some fast money to appease a couple of St. Louis loan sharks, so he agrees to pick up a truckload of illegals and take them to St. Louis. He drives to New Mexico, not knowing that Inez, the woman who rejected him years before, is one of those on that truck.

The intersection of these people, the collision of their cultures, the revelation of their secrets---all these things lead to violence, death, and even redemption in their New Mexico ENCOUNTER.

Now available at
in ebook and paperback, and at 3 Fates Press


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