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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Untold Secrets - Part 8

The following is a short story revolving around the fantasy story 'The Wall Outside'. There will be serveral parts. It uses some of the characters of 'The Wall Outside', but is not part of main book. 'The Wall Outside' is currently available in digital format at

Untold Secrets - Part 8

Their fins in the tubs of water, create a splashing motion and the court begins, though how they are discussing is beyond you.  You see nods, turns of heads, expressions of agreement, frowns, and the occasional big splash, but not one word is spoken.

The word ‘telepathy’ goes through your brain.  Could be, maybe, but the expressions on their faces  do not look toward your favor.

The voice of Bob The Pixie calls behind your ear.  “You’re in good spirits I see!”


Your voice stops the unspoken conversation as all the fish-like creatures turn to stare at you.

You cough.  “Er, sorry.”

As they resume their private conversation, you turn back to Bob in a quieter voice.  “Where have you been, and why in the world did you tell me to jump into freezing water?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Bob chides.  “It saved your life!”

“And now it hangs on a thread,” you mumble back.  “I have no idea what is going on, but I don’t think they like warm-blooded mammals here.”

“I’ll fix that,” Bob grins.  He leaps off your shoulder and moves closer to the council.  “If you’ll excuse me---”

When no one pays him mind, he raises his voice and claps his hands loudly.  “May I have your attention please!”

The council stops, all eyes staring.  Only your guide seems to be amused.

“I just wanted say it is not this poor, warm-blooded, human, creature’s fault for being here.  It was I who told it to jump, for we needed to escape from the Naga above.  You see---”

The fish-like creature furtherst to the right stands up.  “Enough, you have most certainly decided the case.”

Bob looks around curious.  “I have?  Wow, that was easy.”  He turns back to you and winks.  “All in pixie’s job description!”

“Seize them,” the same creature continues.  “They will both be tossed in when the water is high.”

~ James William Peercy

For those interested, what is 'The Wall Outside' about?

Step across the barrier and what will you find?
A place of magic just out of sight?
A pixie, a leprechaun, or even a sprite?

What starts as a vacation, turns into a mess. For Jonna, there's
more at stake than meets the eye. Through pouring rain,
misdirection, and a curious mind, Jonna crossed the barrier
between our world and magic.

Now forced to return across the barrier, Jonna battles Dark Mages, angry leprechauns, and a ruthless Minotaur, all in an effort to find his wife. To do this, he must locate the stolen Rune Blade and rescue a beautiful elvish princess.

But what can a human do when faced with a world of magic?

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