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Monday, April 17, 2017

Within the Heart of Silence Celebrates National Haiku Day

Outer Banks, Nags Head, North Carolina
photography credit Jacqueline E. Smith
So in celebration of National Haiku Poetry Day, I wondered, what would it be like to convert one of the poems in Within a Heart of Silence to haiku?  Jacqueline E. Smith, the photographer, and I, James William Peercy, the poet, collaborated on Within the Heart of Silence.    Selecting the poem for Outer Banks, Nags Head, North Carolina, I discovered it would take five haikus to do what was done in the book if I were to stay close to the original wording.  Here is the result.  What do you think?

 Here are the five haikus.  They are based upon
 Jacqueline’s photo, Outer Banks, Nags Head, North Carolina.

Poem 1
Footsteps lost upon
The sand fading as we watch
The sea no one’s land.

Poem 2
That mortal man walked the grains
Quite unplanned in froth.

Poem 3
Waters drift upon
Our feet swishing on the toes
Washing off our woes.

Poem 4
Run your fingers through
The mist caressing the skin
With salty love borne.

Poem 5
Whispers of life’s breath
Clings to hearts that see within
A wandering soul.

Outer Banks, Nags Head, North Carolina
photography credit Jacqueline E. Smith
Here is the original poem:

Footsteps lost upon the sand
Fading as we watch,
Evidence that mortal man
Walked the beaches quite unplanned
Into a sea of froth.

The waters drift upon our feet,
A soothing of our toes.
The gentle splash of warm embrace
Washes off our deepest

Run your fingers through the mist.
Feel it touch the skin.
Love the whispers of life’s breath.
Cling to hearts that see within
The soul.

They do make us whole.

Similar yet different?  Perhaps it is not unlike the conversion of a book to a movie or a movie to a book.  The very nature of the format forces the difference.  Hopefully the meaning is still clear.
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Thanks for reading!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Winter's Curse by April L. Wood

A Great Debut Novel

Winter's Curse by April L. Wood
A young adult romance with witches, this urban fantasy integrates fiction with our modern world.  Winter is chased from her home by witch hunters and races against time to reach a safe haven.  But how safe is it, and what dark secrets have been carried by those of the covens?

She finds comfort with a boy, not of her clan, and discovers how unforgiving the Segregation Curse is.  Determined to shift the tares from the wheat, she struggles at every turn to discover the realities about herself, her curse, and those who pretend to be her allies.  Will she learn the truth in time, or will she be lost?

I found this story interesting on many levels.  It is fast paced with a blend of mundane and magic.  While not a typical read for me, it picked up well and continued with enough momentum to keep me reading on.  April L. Wood has done a great job.

But don’t believe me.  Pick up a copy and look for yourself.  Be sure and drop a review.  She will thank you for it.


James William Peercy

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Twist of Tobacco Vol1 by Rita Ownby Holcomb

Civil War Family History

Based upon the factual history of the Civil War and her family’s past, Rita Ownby Holcomb weaves in details discovered by research and hard work.  In the areas where facts fail to be known, Rita surmises human nature, strength of character, and the determination to survive.  These are all necessary characteristics of a family’s struggle against the forces of war.

Her sources vary, documented after each discourse.  The stories delve into the horrors man would perpetrate against man, as well as, what mankind would do to help each other.

Despite all odds, this family stayed together as tightly as possible.  They were patriots, heroes, and martyrs.  They left a legacy worthy of the telling.

Rita has done a splendid job.  Read it and post a review.  The author would be most grateful.


James William Peercy

Worldwide by Jacqueline E. Smith

Worldwide Love Life

Trouble is brewing with a band as famous as The Kind of September.  Add to it rumors about the relationship between Sam and Melissa, and the mix gets quickly out of control.

Preying upon the attention the band receives, the threat of a breakup comes closer.  But whose?  And what will happen to those that do?

Worldwide continues the problems a popular band can generate and who can be hurt through the simplest of decisions.  It delves into the thoughts and feelings, exposing the harmful actions that plague humanity whoever we are.

Jacqueline E. Smith does a great job at weaving the story.  For those of you who liked the first two books, there is an unanticipated twist.  Read it.  Post a review.  I would love to know what you think.

Worldwide by Jacqueline E. Smith


James William Peercy