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Monday, December 10, 2012

Untold Secrets - Part 2

The following is a short story revolving around the fantasy story 'The Wall Outside'. There will be serveral parts. It uses some of the characters of 'The Wall Outside', but is not part of main book. 'The Wall Outside' is currently available in digital format at

Untold Secrets - Part 2

The throb gets faster.  Each time you think about the things in the dark, it speeds up some more.  If only you had light to see!

You clinch your fist, and feel the familiar sting forcing your fingers apart.  Light flashes in all directions, but instead of going out, your palm continues to glow.

The slithering stops.  As your eyes focus, you see the truth of your circumstance.  There is a stream; just around the rock which bars your way, it flows past quickly.  You are in a cave; the intensity of the reflections send brightened colors in all directions.

And the snakes?  They are not snakes at all, but snakes with green humanoid bodies.  As their eyes adjust, you hear a thrill cry.  Your light had caused temporary blindness, but now they are running at you, spears held ready.

~ James William Peercy

For those interested, what is 'The Wall Outside' about?

Step across the barrier and what will you find?
A place of magic just out of sight?
A pixie, a leprechaun, or even a sprite?

What starts as a vacation, turns into a mess. For Jonna, there's
more at stake than meets the eye. Through pouring rain,
misdirection, and a curious mind, Jonna crossed the barrier
between our world and magic.

Now forced to return across the barrier, Jonna battles Dark Mages, angry leprechauns, and a ruthless Minotaur, all in an effort to find his wife. To do this, he must locate the stolen Rune Blade and rescue a beautiful elvish princess.

But what can a human do when faced with a world of magic?

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