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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You - Part 12

The following is a short story revolving around the fantasy story 'The Wall Outside'. There will be serveral parts. It uses some of the characters of 'The Wall Outside', but is not part of main book. 'The Wall Outside' is currently available in digital format at

What Doesn't Kill You - Part 12

For a brief moment you see the dark lady’s eyes and remember the horror at her approach.  Your skin begins to prickle.

“Well?”  Bob The Pixie catches your eye.  “You have been given a gift from the holly wood tree, but you will not be forced to do this.  If you choose, I can take you home.”

Home.  It is safe at home.  You look back at Bob; his face is sympathetic.  If you chose to, he would not think any less.  Yet, the very thought of going home seems unappealing; almost.

Those teeth on the dark lady were real, and the last thing you want is to encounter them again.  You blurt the words out.  “I’m sorry, but I can’t do it.”

The chattering of fae goes silent.  In the silence, you can hear the beat of your own heart.  Though it took great effort to say the words, in the end you knew it was for the best.

Be moves quickly towards you.  “Oh, but you must!”  She looks around in fear.  “You must or all is in great peril.”

For the first time you notice the world of the pixies is not quite so bright, the lights they carry have dimmed down, and there is an evil patch of color in the sky.  Out of the darkness lightning flashes followed by a terrible crash of thunder.

“You see,” Be points at the evil in the sky, “it has already begun!”

~ James William Peercy

For those interested, what is 'The Wall Outside' about?

Step across the barrier and what will you find?
A place of magic just out of sight?
A pixie, a leprechaun, or even a sprite?

What starts as a vacation, turns into a mess. For Jonna, there's
more at stake than meets the eye. Through pouring rain,
misdirection, and a curious mind, Jonna crossed the barrier
between our world and magic.

Now forced to return across the barrier, Jonna battles Dark Mages, angry leprechauns, and a ruthless Minotaur, all in an effort to find his wife. To do this, he must locate the stolen Rune Blade and rescue a beautiful elvish princess.

But what can a human do when faced with a world of magic?

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