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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Untold Secrets - Part 10

The following is a short story revolving around the fantasy story 'The Wall Outside'. There will be serveral parts. It uses some of the characters of 'The Wall Outside', but is not part of main book. 'The Wall Outside' is currently available in digital format at

Untold Secrets - Part 10

There is a dripping to your right as you repeat the guard’s words.  “Not all of us agree with the council.”

“What was that?” Bob The Pixie comes back around.  “Where did you hear that?”

“The guard, he just told me.”  It had to be telepathy!

“I didn’t hear---” A grin spreads over Bob’s face.  “Ah, I see, no wonder!”  Bob ponders a moment.  “So they are setting up a coup d’etat and you are the catalyst!”

The knowledge makes you exhale.  “A revolution?”  In the stillness that follows you look around, listening to the dripping coming from a place on the wall.  It drops down into a natural bowl, containing water.

“Something has apparently been dirtying the pond, and it has sparked revolution.” Bob nods as he follows your gaze.  “That would explain the throbbing in your palm, and why we came here when the wand hit us.”

“So it wasn’t an accident,” the throbbing is on your mind.  “But what of Be?”

Bob reluctantly answers, “She has a good heart, but her way of going about it is not always sound.”

“Like trying to remove the--”  You look at your palm and remember how she had tried to force you.  “Was she trying to cut off my hand?”  The idea is frightening.

“I would hope not,” Bob shakes, “but when it comes to protecting her people, there is no end to what she might do.  If she felt too desperate, she might even make a deal with the dark lady herself.”

~ James William Peercy

For those interested, what is 'The Wall Outside' about?

Step across the barrier and what will you find?
A place of magic just out of sight?
A pixie, a leprechaun, or even a sprite?

What starts as a vacation, turns into a mess. For Jonna, there's
more at stake than meets the eye. Through pouring rain,
misdirection, and a curious mind, Jonna crossed the barrier
between our world and magic.

Now forced to return across the barrier, Jonna battles Dark Mages, angry leprechauns, and a ruthless Minotaur, all in an effort to find his wife. To do this, he must locate the stolen Rune Blade and rescue a beautiful elvish princess.

But what can a human do when faced with a world of magic?

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