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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Short Little Jaunt - Part 4

The following is a short story revolving around the fantasy story 'The Wall Outside'. There will be serveral parts, one each day until Oct 31st. It uses some of the characters of 'The Wall Outside', but is not part of main book. 'The Wall Outside' is currently available in digital format at

And now, 'A Short Little Jaunt' . . . part 4

Bob The Pixie and Jonna jumped; Jonna’s sword was half out of his scabbard before he realized it.

“Yes,” the man nodded, “it started just like that.  The hit so hard, it shook the inn.  I owned the inn, then, you see, and went to the door.”  His wooden leg thudded, slow and constant, as he walked toward the door.

Bob’s heart was pounding.  The sound of the slam had been just outside.  Jonna’s hand tightened on the pommel.

“And when I opened it, there was nothing.”  He swung the door back, letting it go wide.  “Or was there?”  As the door reached its furthest point, a gust of wind rushed in, but this was no ordinary wind.  This wind smelled of death.

The wind whipped around the room, stirring dust and shifting debris.  It slapped at their faces in mock attack, then struck the kettle over the fire so hard, Jonna was sure the flame would go out.  Instead, the fire soared higher, bathing the kettle until it glowed completely red.  The putrid smell of death filled the chimney, spreading out into the room like an airborne disease.

“Jonna!” Bob shrieked, pointing toward the door of the inn.  The man with the gray bread was changing.  The dusty clothes showed tears and holes; the once pale skin was cut and torn.  He glared at them with eyes of flame.

“A curse you see!” his cracking voice shouted and moaned.  “Cursed!  Why me?  Why?”  Grabbing the door, he slammed it shut.  “And now you will join me.  If I must be cursed, so shall all who enter this inn!”

~ James William Peercy

For those interested, what is 'The Wall Outside' about?

Step across the barrier and what will you find?
A place of magic just out of sight?
A pixie, a leprechaun, or even a sprite?

What starts as a vacation, turns into a mess. For Jonna, there's
more at stake than meets the eye. Through pouring rain,
misdirection, and a curious mind, Jonna crossed the barrier
between our world and magic.

Now forced to return across the barrier, Jonna battles Dark Mages, angry leprechauns, and a ruthless Minotaur, all in an effort to find his wife. To do this, he must locate the stolen Rune Blade and rescue a beautiful elvish princess.

But what can a human do when faced with a world of magic?

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