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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bob The Who?

"Ho, ho, ho, lookee here!" Bob The Pixie dropped onto the kitchen counter. As the light glinted off the colorful cans, he licked his lips. "Is this soda pop?"

"That's for the party," I called from my dining room seat, "and way too much for a pixie your size. I'll have to get you a cup if you want to try some." I turned back to my work.

"I can do it!" he descend onto the top of one can. As his feet touched the metal top, he liked the sound, so he tapped danced as he walked, circling the lid. "Let's see. First you have to pull the pop-top up."

Standing in the center, he reached down, grabbed hold of the ring, and lifted with a grunt. It barely moved.

"What?"  He looked at his arm muscles.  "I must be getting flabby!" Shifting positions, he lay down beside it, put his hands underneath, and pushed. It rose a little more.

"That's better!"

Standing back up, he started to sing and dance. The can began to shake.

"Ring-a-round a rosie," he danced to the side and tried to pull, but there wasn't enough leverage. "A pocket full of posies."

Moving in front of the tab, he reached forward and took a good grip. "Hush! Hush! The dog will mush! We all fall," he jerked back on the tab, and shot up into the air.  Soda sprayed in all directions.

By James William Peercy
Characters taken from 'The Wall Outside'.  Coming soon this summer.

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