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Friday, October 21, 2011

Once Upon A Fiefdom by James W Peercy

I'm not exactly sure how traditional this poem is for today.  Then again, if you were back in the 1200's this is exactly the type of song/poem you would encounter by traditional minstrel's traveling town to town and telling their stories.
It is written using today's language, but tells the tale of a world long ago, or perhaps tomorrow.  In today's world, you never know what's going to happen next.  :)   If you would like to leave some feedback, I'd appreciate it.  And now, Once Upon A Fiefdom:

The minstrel began,

“If you like ghost
Stories, then listen to this.
There was a goodly knight
Who made a list.

That list was long
And full of heads.
It showed those enemies
Who'd made their beds."

With one deft hand
The minstrel released
His cape,
While those in the audience
Stared and gaped.

Then from a sword
Sheath upon his back,
He pulled a great
Blade and held it aloft.

"And it's time for them to lie in it."

The crowd went to panic.
Wooden chairs, they slid back.
Benches turned over
As some thought escape.

Those of lesser blood
Cluttered the room,
Their escape stopping others
And sealing their doom.
But the noble,
He stood to face him.

Sir Norlin glared,
His gaunt thin form
Just a shadow
Of what he had been,
While around him gathered
A few of his men.

He had been caught,
And he knew it;
There was no place
To run.
The minstrel tossed down the list,
Then declared, "You’re undone."

Wide-eyed and inward
Sir Norlin spoke not,
Though the men at his side
Brought ready their arms.

The minstrel laughed,

"You fight for a liar:
A liar, a cheat, and a thief.
Will you go down in ashes
And claim his defeat?"

The voice of Sir Norlin
Finally spoke,
"I do not see this list of yours.
I will not. I won't."

"And will you not before the King?"
Were the words
The minstrel said.
"Or shall you too
Try to steal from him.
What slights from you
Can we yet dredge?"

The King stepped out on the balcony,
And his shadow passed Norlin's face.

Norlin’s guards,
Hearing all,
Their swords in disgrace.

"There is a pardon for you,"
The minstrel spoke forth.
"To all who drop arms, save Norlin himself."

They spoke in small whispers,
The men one by one,
Laid down their weapons,
And stepped away from.

Norlin just stood there,
A soul stripped, forlorn,
As the pronouncement
From above
Made its voice
So well known.

"You are banished from the Kingdom,"
The King, he declared.
"Should you ever come back,
A noose you will wear."

And so went the story,
No royal blood shed,
But should a minstrel
Ever come to your banquet,
Let the evil doer
Have dread.

 Created 09.07.11

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